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poetry and fiction

Creative Writing

poetry (recent and forthcoming)

  • “when your face became the moon,” winner, Poetry competition: the inspiration of space exploration, from Apollo to the Stars, Institute for Intersteller Studies, 2019
    • Online
    • Print version: Principium v. 26

poetry (selected publications)

    • “Elegy for Water,” and “How We Live Over Wildcat Canyon,” in the Richmond Anthology of Poetry, available through Amazon
  • “Elegy for Water” chosen by California Poet Laureate of California, Dana Gioia, as winning poem
  • “Pigeon,” Right Hand Pointing, August 2016
    • From the intro: “[Editor Laura M Kaminski] made the picks, put them in sequence, and selected the excellent title, ‘Remnants of the Dodo’ from Ina Roy-Faderman’s poem on this issue.”
  • “Bees as Big as Elephants,” Clade Song, issue 5
  • “Love Poem To Those Who’ve Come Before,” runner-up, Book Buyers 25th Anniversary poetry contest, June 2015
  • “Smoke Signals,” “523.4,” and “Trisha is dying” : Editor’s choice poems, Punchnel’s, January 2015
  • “Spaces of Spring”  Writers Rising Up 2013 Digging To The Roots Poetry calendar
  • Untitled haiku (Chickadee) appears in the December 2012 issue of Four and Twenty

fiction (selected)

  • The PopePigeon Pages, November 2019
    • Finalist, Flash Fiction competition
  • “The Therapist,” Nunum, Winter 2018 Vol. 1
  • “Bob and Dog”   Inscape of Washburn University
    • Editor’s Choice award
    • 2018 Pushcart nomination
  • “Bats” in The Silver Web
  • “Pumpkin” and “Monkey Woman” in Danny Shot’s Long Shot
  • “Venus” in Prisoners of the Night
  • “Kali,” in Kali’s Lodge
  • “Sonali” in India Currents (print version only)

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